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Here are some sample workshops.  Best to call us, so we can help you assess your organization’s needs and design a program that will give you lasting and sustainable results.  


Is it Culture Clash?  Recognize and Navigate this Tricky Terrain

Someone’s cultural identity spans a broad spectrum of beliefs, values, and behaviors. Freedom to maintain that identity while in care is vital to effective treatment and recovery.  How can healthcare providers learn to listen and communicate effectively across cultures without becoming experts in all the cultures represented?

This practical workshop will offer an immediately implementable framework, strengthening your ability to successfully manage instances of cross-cultural misunderstanding, and heightening your ability to implement practices that will result in informed and respectful patient care.

Introduction to Religious Diversity in Healthcare


What is religion? How is religion different from culture? What are the correlations between religion and health? This workshop provides frameworks and distinctions for responding to religious differences among the employees and clients with a focus on provider-patient interactions.  

Religion-Informed Attitudes Toward Dying


Religious beliefs and religious rituals—which also intersect with cultural values and behaviors—can be complex. It may be impossible to predict how any one person or family will understand health, illness, or death. This workshop provides a practical guide to offering deeper, more compassionate, and specifically religion-competent care. 

We offer this training as a general overview, as well as a focus on a particular religion.